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Family Promise Giving Day 2024

Put yourself in the shoes of a single mom with a teenage son of 16. Your budget is tight and family help scarce. Suddenly, your landlord decides to sell, giving you just a month’s notice to vacate the place you've called home. As you scour for a new place, you're hit with the reality of soaring rent prices, which have jumped drastically in three years, putting decent housing out of reach. Time ticks away and before you know it, the deadline arrives with no alternative housing in sight. Bracing yourself, you seek refuge at a shelter, only to be told that you and your son must part ways due to his age. The crisis you’re facing deepens, becoming even more daunting.

Family Promise of Greater Washington County (FPGWC) keeps families together while in shelter regardless of the child’s age.

Family homelessness is often an invisible crisis and is hidden from public view. Families experiencing homelessness typically stay with family and friends, in motels, or in a shelter as opposed to sleeping on the street. Homelessness may not be a visible issue in our community, which is why we make it a point to work with Beaverton School District families as part of our outreach.

FPGWC works to address the issue of family homelessness holistically. We provide prevention services before families reach crisis, shelter and transitional housing if they become homeless, stabilization programs once they have secured housing to ensure they remain independent, and case management throughout all stages.

It’s proven to be a highly successful approach.

  • Homelessness is prevented for 98% of families served in our program.

  • On average, 94% of the people served in our Shelter program secure housing within 17 weeks. 90% of those families are still housed one year later.

  • On average, 90% of the families served in our Transitional Housing program secure housing within 16 weeks. 90% of those families are still housed one year later.

The Power of an Hour

On Thursday, April 11th, Family Promise of Greater Washington County (FPGWC) will host Family Promise Giving Day, a 24-hour online campaign to raise awareness and funds to support local families experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. 

This year, we’re asking you to ‘Give an Hour’ to Family Promise, whether that be a donation of an hour of your salary or an hour of your attention to learn more about Family Promise and the 2.5 million children who experience homelessness every year in America.

Donations can be made online or via check made out to Family Promise of Greater Washington County and mailed to P.O. Box 1932, Beaverton OR 97075.

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